And it’s done!

Neither love

Nor hate

Nothing to give 

Nothing to take 

Seen the darks

And the whites

May we now 

Guard our lives

Thank you God

You gave me sight

Before giving up

You made me survive

Deeds may have

Their say for all

Big sins to see

And even the smalls

~Simran Lakhina


Count me out!

 I, might be paying

huge attention to it.

It’s either your way

or an exit to it.

You might be living

in the stars above.

Me be mere homely,

You’re usual rid off.

Smart set as you believe,

is your cup of coffee.

I dont belong in

so let me be.

Those longing to be you

is your swag.

Simplicty is the beauty,

I worship in fact.

The portion up from soil

is equal within.

Unlike your mankind,

carrying  hoax grin.

Mind your eyes now its time,

Me will give the bottom line.

“All shall follow your stace,

And I hereby opt out of that rat race.”

To rote..

Oh dear,

This isn’t a fairy tale.

No princess, or nightingale

Mountains to climb, rivers to cross

Survives the one who wins the toss.

High time you rote the tacts,

Learn to create your own tracks.

Battle the world ahead of you

Or just grill in it’s bar-be-que.

-simran lakhina

How to choose?

Making a choice has never been easy for anybody. It is not just choosing your attire of the day from your closet but a little more. More, because choices add or subtract value to your life. On every stage you have to make decisions and choose your path to cultivate a future for yourself and people around you. But the question remains, how to choose wisely?

Moral dilemmas are easy to bear because they’re between good or bad. But ethical dilemmas are harder because they’re between good or good and bad or bad. We get stuck at the choices which are beyond our capabilities. What comes in our path, we are never aware or prepared for it. But precisely, each of our choice will carry a bag of consequences with it. Weigh the consequences correctly. Because, we have to choose from the consequences we are ready to tackle. It may be that one choice lead to a happy today but a troublesome future or vice versa. 

This is how we have to choose. We are not going to be spared by life. As said by Alfred A. Montapert,’ Every person has free choice. Free to obey or disobey the natural laws. Your choice determines the consequences. Nobody every did or ever will, escape the consequences of his choice.’ Ultimately, it is You who have to live with your chosen path. So know your spiritual strength and choose the consequence you are ready to uphold.

-Simran Lakhina